Our Story

Currently headquartered in Milan, Italy, our gallery functions as a fully online platform accessible from all corners of the world. The photographers featured in our gallery have come together across all borders and from all walks of life in a joint mission for a better environmental future. 

Our printing locations in both Italy and the UK allow us to fulfil our work while reaching our audience and maintaining a low carbon footprint.


Our Philosophy

We are strongly dedicated to being financially transparent and keeping all management fees always under 10%.

Our mission to replant forests and mitigate climate change is only possible through a collective team effort, we believe that honest transparency and genuine interactions is key to this!

We are always open to hearing from you and receiving questions or feedback. See our contact form below or consult our FAQs for any doubts you may have.

Meet Our Team


Paige Hahn

Founder and

Managing Director


Melissa Ernstberger

Gallery Curator 


Paola Manganotti

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Rommana De Paiva

Partnership Manager

Youth Workshop