19.03 - 21.03

Milano Digital Week

Presented by: Photography for Future

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In the times of a global pandemic, how do we continue to be active for the matters we consider important?

Welcome to our long-awaited, two-room virtual exhibition space.


The presented works of the first showroom encompass the artworks of young student-activists, attendees of the gallery's workshop "Art Activism in the Digital Space" in which they were shown ways in which to effectively use digital tools and methods for raising environmental awareness.
Alongside their work in the second showroom, we feature selected photographs donated to Photography for Future by photographers from all over the world, available for purchase with 100% of the profits going to reforestation projects.

Together, we believe that the digital space is an incredible space of potential, for engaging, raising your voice, and standing up for our planet. As artists, activists, environmentalists, conservationists, photographers, students, and volunteers, we warmly welcome you to enter the exhibition, explore the work, become inspired, and above all  -  remain active!

Youth Workshop - English 

Joined by National Geographic photo-journalist and documentary filmmaker, Sean Gallagher.

Exploring the role of creative mediums in spreading awareness for our environment, with a special director's commentary on his award-winning film 'Cambodia Burning'.

Youth Workshop - Italian

Joined by Italian artist, Sara Munari. Exploring a discussion on creative storytelling and narratives.

Thanks for joining us. Have some thoughts you'd like to share? Let us know what you think.