Clarifications, doubts, concerns:

Will part of my purchase be donated to charity?

Yes! Absolutely! An outstanding 100% of the profit is directly donated to our partner WeForest for reforestation of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. Read more in our 'Impact' section.

Which sizes and styles of print do you offer?

Exact print sizes vary slightly from photo to photo but they will be roughly around:

Prints 2:3 and 3:2

Small: 30x40cm = 12x18 in

Medium: 40x60cm = 16x24 in

Large: 50x75cm = 20x30 in

X Large: 60x90cm = 24x36 in

Squared prints 1:1

Small: 30x30 = 12x12 in

Medium: 40x40cm = 16x16 in

Large: 50x50cm = 20x20 in

X Large: 60x60cm = 24x24 in

We can cater to custom size prints and prints on a different material such as acyrlic or metal. Please message us if you have a special request!

What are the return policies?

You may return the print only if there is visible damage to the print. In any other case, we do not allow returns as we are operating as a non-profit gallery and the sale of each photograph is a donation that we send to our partner in Brazil for forest restoration.

How long does shipping take?

Once your order is placed, it will take the gallery 2-3 days to process your order. Then the print will be shipped using DHL's 3-day service. In total, your photograph should arrive within a week after purchasing it.

How is the photograph shipped?

The photograph is shipped in a high quality tube made of recycled cardboard. You are also able to recycle this tube!
The photographs are not shipped framed, unless specially requested at an additional price (please contact us if this is something you're interested in).

How many trees are planted for each print?

Based on the size of the print you choose to purchase, this will fund the planting of a certain number of trees: Small = 12 trees Medium = 30 trees Large = 55 trees X Large = 80 trees Isn't that incredible??!!

Does the gallery work with companies for CSR?

Yes! Photography for Future works with companies across the world for their CSR / corporate philanthropy. Please email us at photographyforfuture@outlook.com and we will customize your order for your office! We also include wall plates that your company can personalize to let your employees and clients know that you've helped a reforestation project!