"Photography for Future" || What do we mean?

"Photography for Future" is not just the name for our gallery; it is a concept, an ethic, and a principle which we strongly believe in.

Our gallery is a collective of ordinary people: volunteers, conservationists, experts-in-the field, photographers, and art-enthusiasts. Our common tie? Passion for working towards a greener future.

The photographs in our gallery are photographs that create life.

Purchasing a print from our gallery not only directly plants trees, but also (by default) automatically mitigates climate change, guarantees cleaner water, reduces air pollution, and provides livelihoods for local people and habitats for wildlife.

Our gallery thus represents a community of people from all walks of life who have come together for this common goal. We genuinely care about the environment and believe you do, too. We understand that it may not be so easy to know how to help in this big environmental crisis. We are here to offer you a way.

100% of our profit goes to planting trees. This is thanks to photographers who have chosen to donate their photographs free-of-charge and the strong team of volunteers running the gallery behind the scenes. There are no hidden costs, sneaky tricks, or attempts to take advantage of you. We are here to help.

This what we mean by Photography for Future.

Are you ready to join us?

Photography for Future gallery supporting reforestation

Planting trees has an incredible potential to tackle the climate crisis. It is overwhelmingly more powerful than all the other climate change solutions proposed and has numerous benefits for societies and the environment.

Planting trees is a solution we offer here and every one of us can get involved!

shop now and help us plant a forest