Armand Grobler: Giving a Voice to Wildlife

Armand Grobler is an aspiring young nature and wildlife photographer based in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Drawing from the knowledge and experiences gained throughout his life, his passion for the natural world began at a very young age and you can see this expressed through his photographs. He brilliantly captures the uniquely playful behavior and complex relationships of wild animals while mastering the use of lighting, perspective and composition. He is a storyteller, and his images give a voice to wildlife.

Armand is one of the photographers who has generously donated his photos to Photography for Future in efforts to raise funds for reforestation projects. Here, he has taken the time to answer some of our questions, giving a closer look into his ethic as a photographer and his passion for nature conservation.

Why did you want to get involved with Photography for Future?

Nature conservation has been something of which I have been passionate about all my life, especially after seeing the fast-growing devastation of natural habitats in places such as South America and Africa. I share with Paige, the founder of Photography for Future, the ambition to save nature wherever we possibly can, from bees to forests and everything in between.

What does photography mean to you?

It is often said that a single image speaks a thousand words, and I solemnly believe this to be true. Photography is not only about capturing a specific moment in time, but it’s the ability to capture the essence of the subject, allowing viewers to immerse themselves into that particular moment. A good photograph tells a captivating story and a good photographer is likened to a great author.
I am a story teller, and photography is my way of sharing my story with the world, and inspiring them to do the same.

Armand’s passion for wildlife doesn’t stop at photography. Armand has the unique experience of being able to show the beauty of nature to others as a photographic safari guide. Whether if it’s through his images or guiding safaris, he strongly cares about the environment and making sure he can positively influence others through his work.

Why is protecting the environment important to you?

Besides the fact that our existence as humans is dependent on the oxygen generated from the natural environment, I also believe that conserving our environment goes far deeper than mere oxygen.
I often see people who are struggling with something in their life sit quietly and view the natural world with complete wonder. I have seen tears flowing from faces as they stare out into the vast open plains of the Kruger National Park, as a sense of peace overwhelms them. I believe in a spiritual healing when people embrace nature, even something as simple as a lookout point over the horizon. As we get closer to creation, we get closer to the Creator and a type of healing takes place that no doctor, medicine or hospital could ever do.

Big thanks to Armand for joining our project and for taking the time to answer our questions! Armand's photographs of the leopard, baboons, and the buffalo herd are all for sale as limited prints in our gallery. 100% of the funds go directly towards our reforestation project.

You can view more of his photographs at his Instagram account Armand Grobler Photography

or at the Warren Cary Wildlife Gallery.

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