Benjamin Briones Grandi: Chilean Landscapes, Truth, and Empathy

Landscape photographer Benjamin Briones Grandi and a unique connection to nature.

Benjamin Briones Grandi is a Chilean fine-art photographer. His style can be immediately recognized for his serene and minimalistic atmospheric landscape. His work displays a powerful composition through an emphasis on simplicity, making it a perfect piece of art for the home or office.

For Benjamin, ‘the real subject matter of his art is not the territory photographed, it is the person looking at the resulting image. It is about the viewer that uses the landscape as a stage where thoughts, memories, and feelings can be laid out.’ For this reason, his photographs brilliantly create a space in which viewers can have an experience that touches them to empathize with nature and to provide a space for transformational thinking about their relationship with the environment.

Rather than jetting around the world, Benjamin has focused largely on his home country Chile. He is a great example of how beautiful photographic opportunities can be taken in a sustainable way by photographing the marvels outside his doorstep. Benjamin has spent much time trekking through Patagonia to exploring the aridest region of the world - the Atacama Desert of Chile. He observed that

“Photography makes me aware of how wonderful nature is, and to learn to appreciate it more, and finally as a consequence, I care about its preservation.”

Benjamin offers a unique perspective on the importance of protecting our environment.

"I believe that nature has been entrusted to us. According to my beliefs, creation has been handed to us, and I think we can do better at protecting it. Imagine I give you as a present something very precious to me and you damage it, that is an offense to me since that gift is an expression of my love towards you. For me, with nature it’s the same, I think that mistreating it offends somehow its creator. Additionally, we actually are part of nature, and not taking care of it is self-destructive."

Benjamin has witnessed the inappropriate behavior of people in nature and this has influenced his photography. Different from many environmentalists, he uses a soft approach to generate empathy for nature through his art to provide an important space for reflection and thought on one’s actions and choices, which ideally leads to positive change.

“Love and respect for nature needs to be transmitted to our future generations. Instead of alarmism, I prefer to let people know how amazing and unique nature is, so they come to love it and therefore, as a consequence, take good care of it.”

Benjamin has generously donated the photograph, Detraídos #1 , to Photography for Future to raise funds for reforestation projects. Benjamin became involved with Photography for Future because in his view:

It is a straightforward action towards preservation with no politics involved. I really love nature, I think it is one of the most precious gifts we have been given and it is the most sublime subject matter for photography along with the human figure.
Nevertheless, I’ve seen a lot of radical politics and pseudo-religious thinking capturing environmental preservation initiatives, and I personally prefer to stay away from those initiatives and stick to those that help directly conservation projects.”


Thanks to Benjamin for his contribution to our project! Purchasing his print will directly plant trees in the Atlantic Forest and aid in our reforestation project.

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For more information on the artist and to view his full collection visit:

Website - Benjamin Briones Grandi

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