For a Greener Holiday

We get it. The holidays are around the corner and many of us would like to buy gifts for our friends and family. That's where we come in!

At our gallery, purchasing a photograph is sustainable and makes a real difference for our planet by supporting reforestation projects. Your gift will actually have a positive ecological impact!

A photograph is a gift that everyone will appreciate! It's available now and it's less expensive than you might think. Our prints start at only €49 and you can plant up to 80 trees!

How it works:

The prints are all sustainably sourced, made with low-impact materials and are packaged in tubes made with recycled materials. Wherever your delivery destination is, we will ship from our print shop closest to you. And 100% of the profit from your purchase will directly go to planting trees!

This Green Friday we can bring back values ​​such as conscious consumerism, eco-sustainability and the return to simplicity. We all must do our part, as small as it may seem, and this year we won't forget about the environment in which we live!

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