Martin Podt: Into the Forest

How experience as a landscape photographer has driven him to advocate for forest conservation.

The Dutch photographer Martin Podt is best known for his scenic landscape photography of trees and forests. You can find among his work misty tree-lined roads, enchanting forests, and dreamlike rural scenery. He brilliantly uses various lighting conditions and relaxing compositions. His photographs express certain moods and evoke emotions such as tranquility or stillness making his work perfect for your home or office.

Martin Podt has spent a lot of time in forests observing trees and getting to know their every angle for his next photograph. And while passing time in nature, he found much more than just beautiful photographs.

“It has been scientifically proven that being in forests can decrease undue stress and potential burnout. I know by now that it indeed works like that for me. Being in forests makes me happy and that is the main reason why I like forest photography so much.”

Martin Podt is also a father to a disabled son, and he expresses how forests have offered him and his son a space to seek relaxation. His unique experience in the forest has given him an interesting perspective on the need for forest conservation.

“I mainly photograph forests and shooting trees and forests has made me feel more connected with them. And this has made me realize even more that we need to protect our forests. In order to protect our planet forests are needed. Getting involved with Photography for Future is a way for me to help protect our planet.”

Martin Podt has generously donated the photograph ‘Sunset Reflections’ to Photography for Future to raise funds for forest rehabilitation in Brazil. Martin Podt has seen firsthand the effects of deforestation in his home country the Netherlands and he has even photographed several forests and trees that no longer exist due to deforestation.

Just by observing his photographs, we as the audience can feel that same connection to the forest. His photographs ignite in us the strong desire to protect these beautiful trees so that 10 years from now these magnificent trees will still exist.

Click here to purchase his photograph 'Sunset Reflections' and 100% of the funds will go towards planting trees.

Martin Podt has a variety of tutorials and workshops highly recommended for photographers looking to take their work to the next level. To learn more visit: Martin Podt Photography and check out his beautifully gallery at IG: Martinpodt