Detraídos #1
  • Detraídos #1

    The Story of the photograph: 


    This photograph is part of a series called Detraídos, which means subtracted or stolen in Spanish. This series is about how we have developed a need to leave our everyday lives to get immersed in nature to find ourselves somehow, getting subtracted from our reality.


    About the photographer:  


    By: Benjamin Briones Grandi

    He is a Chilean based fine-art photographer mainly interested in delivering to the viewer an introspective journey through delicate portraits of the natural environment.


    Instagram: Benjamin Briones Grandi

    Website: Benjamin Briones Grandi 

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      Sizing guide:

      Small 30x30cm 12x12 in
      Medium 40x40cm 16x16 in
      Large 50x50cm 20x20 in
      Extra large 60x60cm 24x24 in


      All prints are sold and shipped unframed. The photos are printed without the "Photograhy for Future" watermark.