• King

    The Story of the photograph: 


    The photograph "King" was taken in the Italian Appennino.


    "7 years ago I went for the first time is this magic place with a couple of friends for shooting a popular series of waterfalls in the area. On the way of the return, I fell in love for this old gnarled beech. This tree has a special charm, I visited many forests with very ancient and old trees but this one is simply awesome. It's so photogenic and set in a perfect spot." Enrico Fossati 


    About the photographer:


    By: Enrico Fossati

    Landscape Photographer, Image- Maker


    Enrico Fossati is a professional landscape photographer based in northern Italy. His passion for photography was born in 2009 but he started with more determination around the mid of 2012. His passion for paintings, art, and movies has influenced a lot of his vision and the way to craft his pictures.


    Instagram: Enrico Fossati

    Website: Enrico Fossati

    Licensing Agency: Zolan Licensing Agency 

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